1 Jan 2008

All about me...

After studying a degree that covered anything and everything to do with food, I landed in a career in the globalised food industry, not really knowing where else to go. This time and experience provided me with an insight into factory produced "food", whilst my real and growing passion was firmly rooted in the alternatives of local, seasonal, natural, organic, small scale ingredients.

A couple of years ago, a diagnosis of coeliac disease gave me the perfect excuse to ditch earning a crust in industrial food. After some time to discover what I wanted to do, I wholeheartedly jumped back into the food world, revelling in my new found passion for food that was naturally gluten free... In fact it was the challenge of adapting my diet that completely re-ignited my passion for food in general.

Now I celebrate everytime I find something that is gluten free, made from local, seasonal ingredients and free from the nasties I used to work with... There is so much out there to cook, eat and try, so Figs and Lavender is my place to share those foodie finds, along with restaurants I have dined safely in, and my honest account of living naturally gluten free.

As with everything in life, living with Coeliac Disease is a journey, but whether you are a fellow suferer, wheat intolerant, or just interested in clean wholesome food, I hope you enjoy the blog journey with me. Please feel free to comment or ask questions, or tell me how you find things... I would love to hear from you.

This is the real me... Welcome to Figs and Lavender

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