11 Jun 2008

It's no bed of roses

I am generally a positive person, I think, and I always try and see the opportunity in whatever life throws my way. I am however also a realist and I have been debating for some time whether to bring a more honest approach to blogging about living a gluten free life, since I have to admit that living gluten free can sometimes really suck!

When lunchtime rolls around and I have not been organised enough to bring my own lunch to the office, I dread the prospect of looking for something to satiate my rumbling belly. With only a couple of "cafes" and the supermarket in walking distance I end up wandering the isles searching beneath the excessive plastic packaging for inspiration, only to leave with a paltry looking cheese and "free from" crackers.

Today though, when staring at my plate of pitiful crackers and cream cheese, I felt something stir.

"What am I doing?" I silently asked myself as I quickly chomped through my utterly functional lunch.

Food has always provided huge enjoyment for me and I take pleasure in the requirement to eat at least three times in one day. But I have to admit, that when you are in a rush or just in the mood for a simple sandwich - being gluten free is the biggest inconvenience. I do feel today however that I have hit a wall, and am now coming through my foodie block. The fact that I am here blogging is testament to that.

Sadly, this has been the reason for the delay between posts on this site. Starting a new job, a long commute and my partner working away has caused a shift, which has reduced my time to cook, read cook books, go food shopping and have someone to cook for, which has resulted in a spiral of declining meals.

But this is where it stops and where organisation, preparation and inspiration begins, stating with what to have for dinner. Sausages freshly dug new potatoes and some braised lettuce and peas. Considering that's pretty much all that's in my fridge it's a good start.

So, I would like to propose a toast - to all those living gluten free and finding the time, inclination and inspiration to cook delicious meals. I will soon be back amongst you and sharing all my food stories imminently.

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GlutenFreeMom said...

Love your blog - so nice to read that other people struggle with this new lifestyle at times as well. I find lunch particularly hard at times - especially when you are not at home and there is nothing "leftover" from the night before to eat. Can't wait to visit London and try some of your gluten free dining options. From Jamie in Seatle, WA