About Me

I have navigated my way in life through food. I studied food and consumers at university, then took a variety of jobs across the industry, whilst outside of work I took cooking courses, went to debates on food issues and read recipe books in bed. Food was my life. But then in 2007 I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Unable to consume gluten, found in wheat, barley, rye and some oats, I had to rethink not only my diet, but my career and entire focus in life. 

Untill that point I had been blindly working my way in the corporate food world, but had started to feel like I was in the wrong place. So my diagnosis was a blessing.  Whilst I de-contaminated the shelves in my kitchen, the books in my collection and adapted my whole approach to food to create my gluten free life, I also took time to rethink my career.

Surprisingly quickly, I rediscovered my passion for food. Only now it had to be gluten free. Not the kind of flavouring and additive laden packets you find in the "free from " section of the supermarkets. But wholesome, interesting, naturally gluten free food, cooked from scratch using seasonal ingredients and from small and artisan companies.

Meanwhile, my career took a new direction into the world of farmers markets, local food websites and farm shops. These areas of the food world had always been my secret passions but were now my core employer. Today, I continue to attend courses, talks, read incessantly about food, and maintain my "food projects" of stuff I want to cook or learn about, only now I am on the look out for gluten free stuff too.

And this blog is where I share that stuff. Be it my newest gluten free find, tried and tested recipes or a new food market - I will be here indulging my projects. So whether you are Coeliac or not it doesn't matter. My life just happens to be gluten free, but as the guests at my table will tell you... it tastes all the better for it.