17 Jan 2008

Good gluten free muesli?

My unofficial mother in law is very up on allergies, intolerances and unusual diets as most family members have some restriction. So whenever I visit, I am usually welcomed by a new gluten-free food to try. To be honest, personally I don’t often bother seeking new GF foods out as they are rather expensive and so often disappointing.

This weekend with the family in Norwich, I was presented in with gluten-free muesli from Heron Foods, based in Ireland. Looking at the ingredients it was organic - always a bonus - mostly nuts and seeds, bulked out with brown rice flakes, which I had never tried. So gave it a go, and it was actually quite tasty, admittedly, after adding dried prunes and chopped brazil nuts. Customising muesli to my taste and for interest is something I have always done and stops me getting bored with breakfast.

So I can happily confirm this muesli to be free from the usual sawdust texture, it had plump juicy raisins and didn’t soak up the milk the moment it splashed the rice flakes, and will be a weclome addition to my growing repetoire of gluten free breakfasts. Try adding your own favourite ingredients to make it more interesting and varied. Next time I may tried chopped dried banana, or pine nuts, or even some pecans and a dribble of maple syrup for something indulgent.

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