19 Aug 2008

Finally I think the gluten free message is getting though.

Not sure about everyone else, but I am increasingly noticing gluten free sections and products popping up in more mainstream and foodie places. For example, I have just seen British Fine Foods – a recently launched website where you can buy the best of produce from these shores and they have a gluten free section. In it are sausages from Redhill Farm using free range Landrace-Duroc pigs, plus a range of Pates, and even a cake from seemingly all natural ingredients.

Are there any other places where you have come across gluten free sections unexpectedly?

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Suzie said...

What an interesting and informative blog!

Redhill's sausages are delicious (and so is the bacon)

Graig Farm organics also produce gluten free sausages - they use organic rice flour (www.graigfarm.co.uk)