9 Sep 2008

Bonjour Paris...

I am off to Paris on my first gluten free trip to France. Friends of mine think I am nuts going to the global home of daily made bread, flaky pastries and delicate cakes however I see it as a gastronomic challenge that I am rather looking forward to.

Despite France's meals being peppered with gluten at every opportunity, their cooking is what I call "clean", by which I mean you get pastry, bread, croissant as a component to the meal - the gluten in visible and you can opt out. The French are very protective of their culinary history and have long been suspicious of mass produced food, which means that sauces are reductions, fried foods are kept to a minimum making it much simpler to avoid gluten.

So, I will report back on my experiences in the foodie capital and will share the good the bad and the ugly... but all should be well - there's always "steak frites"

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