13 Oct 2008

Tried and Tested Gluten Free California, USA

The State of California is renowned for special diets,- seafood diet, low carb, no carb, lettuce only diet or even something comparably normal like gluten free. Over two weeks of eating out in San Francisco and the Bay area has generated a hefty list of recommendations for gluten free eating below - and these are only the ones I am pleased to recommend. Special places where the service or menu surprised and delighted may warrant some extra attention later one, but while the memories of handmade corn chips, succulent grilled meats and heavenly seafood are still fresh in my mind, here's a list to tempt you over the pond:

Mosaic - Forestville, Sonoma County

East West Cafe - Sebastapool, Sonoma County

Willi's Seafood - Healdsburg, Sonoma County

Chez Panisse - Berkley, San Francisco

Taylor's Automatic Refresher -St Helena, Napa Valley

Underwood Bar and Bistro - NG_ERROR_11>Graton, NG_ERROR_12>Sonoma County

Rose's Cafe - Cow Hollow, San Francisco

Passion Fish - Pacific Grove

The Red House Cafe - Pacific Grove

Mountain Rooms - Yosemite National Park

Jack Falstaff - San Fransisco

Just looking at this list makes me hungry, and knowing how well they dealt with my requirement - and I can assure you I am no risk taker when it comes to health on holiday - I can tell you I was relaxed and thrilled at every meal here.

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