15 Oct 2008

Gluten Free Cooking on "This Morning"

Here is a small segment of the piece I was on for This Morning talking about my experience living gluten free. It was the most fun I have had in ages and a great opportunity to publicise the condition and raise awareness.

I have not yet found a replay of the whole segment, but here is some tape of Phil Vickery cooking gluten free recipes. He has researched suitable recipes extensively and demonstrated onion bahjis and apple crumble on the show.

Here is the video of Phil cooking these recipes with a very special taster...

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pauldenhard said...

Hi Kim.

I saw your spot on the tele on Wednesday. Nice work. I was off sick, and reading some GF forums and blogs for the first time, and came across yours. Funny thing was it just happened to be at 11am, just before you were on. I switched over and there it was. Very good for awareness as you say and I think all the relevant information was relayed. If you haven't seen it all, I have it on video if you need a copy.