9 Dec 2008

A return to real porridge on a cold morning

I could not believe my eyes when talking to a small producer back in April at the Real Food Festival who was selling oats. When offered a taste of her Scottish porridge oats, I babbled my usual "thanks but I have coelaic disease so....) when Gill, the owner of Tilquhillie Fine Foods interrupted me to tell me they were gluten free.

Rather excited by this, I want to really understand how they were gluten free so Gill explained how they are certified gluten free by the Coeliac Association. Grown on land that has only ever seen oat seeds, they are processed in an oat only mill - which is where the cross contamination usually occurs.

In addition to the plain, simple and delicious oats, Gill also makes steamed gluten free puddings, including a Christmas version - perfect for this time of year.

So, my days now begin with a steaming bowl of Socttish porridge with an energy boosting drizzle of golden syrup...and finish with a steamed almong and apricot pud.

To get hold of these wonderous oats - contact Gill on 01330 822 037... or at GFF Direct

...and watch this space for gluten free oat and raisin cookie recipes...

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