18 May 2009

Malnutrition Project in Madya Pradesh

At my first Indian cookery class I met Cait, a New Yorker who has spent 2 years in India working for various charities, and has recently been employed by the Real Medicine Foundation. Cait and I enthusiastically discussed our backgrounds and passion for India, food, Indian food, restaurants and must see places, and her work here, throughout the class.

Living in an affluent part of the Indian capital, it is easy to forget the issues facing the majority of the population. It’s even easier living in London, where developing countries pale in significance to an obesity epidemic, a global financial crisis and now a swine flu pandemic. However meeting Cait and seeing the project working to combat malnutrition in the Indian State of Madya Pradesh, I was compelled to make you aware too.

As a foodie, I dedicate large amounts of time and attention to what to eat next, never asking if I will eat at all, or if the foods I am preparing will nourish my family adequately. But across India, and at the project I visited with Cait in Jhabhua life is not so certain with malnutrition affecting 60% of the states children. So, over the next few posts I will share with you my adventures outin West India, warts and all. Hopefully it will inform and entertain you, but most importantly encourage you to support projects such as this. After all as foodies and food bloggers we live to eat, where as in Jhabhua, the eat to live - just.

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