26 Jun 2009

Are you sweet for Mithai?

I have discovered the sugary world of Indian sweets (mithai). I must have bought about 4 or 5 boxes containing my own selection from the glittering, colourful counters, aiming to try all of them – for research of course. But by the time I have brought them home, tried each of the different ones and intensely discussed which ones were best, what they were called and re-told the comedy moment in the shop, as there is always one... they are gone.

My excuse is they have to be consumed within two days, being made from fresh and unadulterated ingredients. However, sneaky nibbles and midnight tastings at the fridge means they quickly eaten before I can take photos of the beauties, or even remember what they were.

So, I promise to delve into the seemingly polarised world of Indian mithai... if only for the chance to return for both the funny story of what happened when I bought them, and the intense milky fragrant sweets to devour alone.

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