31 Dec 2009

A little behind the Best of 2009

Its been a crazy two weeks... An amazing early Christmas present was revealed to me on the 20th December... a sneaky little trip to Paris before Christmas. Not only was this sneaky, but very exciting since we had tried to visit last year for my 30th birthday, but were scuppered when a fire broke out in the tunnel, hours before we were due to leave the St Pancras Champagne bar.

This time we made it, but um... we had a little trouble getting home! The wrong kind of snow shut down the whole service and we were lucky to gain another day in Paris before flying back to Heathrow. It wasn't as simple as it sounds, but I won't bore you with the long and arduous details... we'll I'll just finish the story.

We got back to London, but not home. A sudden flurry of snow brought the south east of London to a halt and no bus, taxi or train would travel there. Already exhausted and having missed our train that afternoon to Norwich where we we spending all of Christmas, after a stiff G&T in the warmth of a boozer we decided to hot foot it up to East Anglia where we knew we would get a warm bed and welcome. Twelve hours after leaving Paris, we finally made it, not home, but to our Christmas hosts, albeit without any presents, clean clothes or the gluten free Christmas cake...

So, as a result of all our Christmas stuff and computer remaining in our spare room till last night (when we spent a very Christmas-y evening opening presents, drinking Champagne, and eating mince pies rather than blogging I'm afraid) I am rather behind on GwenBells Best of 2009. But I am back just in time for the final push in time for new years eve about the resolution I wish I'd stuck to. Problem is I can't think of one. 

I don't usually make new years resolutions, instead opting to choose things I would like to do more of...positivity is the name of the game here. So combining this positive outlook with a resolution to make new years resolutions each January, I resolve to write more here.

Happy New Year!

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