12 Jan 2010

Word games that donate rice to the World Food Programme

Too much time spent working on the computer can make your eyes boggle, your brain fry and ruin your posture (sit up straight!). I am always looking for a little distraction to relieve myself of the task at hand and I have found one which will expand my vocabulary (always a bonus for bloggers) but more importantly the game donates rice to the UN World Food Programme.

Rice is a crucial ingredient to a gluten free diet, so is an ingredient close to my heart and a key crop for my favourite place - India. So, if you have a few minutes to spare and fancy discovering for example that bannock is a type of flat bread, or that melange means hodgepodge get online, donate your time so that the UN can turn it into rice for those who need it most.

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Kim McGowan said...

And I have just donated 500g!