26 Jun 2008

oooooooooooooo Ottolenghi

En route home last night I jumped off the bus in South Kensington to browse the shops for a couple of gifts. That search was rather unsuccessful, however I was fortunate to discover Ottolenghi instead.

There has been a lot of buzz about the London based cafe and recently published cookbook and I have kept an eye on their column in the Saturday Guardian as naturally gluten free recipes have often been featured. So, walking through down Kensington Church street, I saw the subtle sign for the cafe and decided to pop in for a browse.

A browse turned into a purchase. A cake purchase - a gluten free cake purchase. Actually, I need to be specific here; the cake was a dense rich flour less chocolate cake, made with that indispensible coelaic favourite - ground almonds. Talking with the delightful staff member, we decided that it was naturally gluten free, and I decided to risk it.

Actually, risk is probably the wrong word. I only really take the chance when I trust the producers and have discussed at length ingredients used. Ottolenghi is a natural and high end operation, and I trust them when they say there is no gluten present. After much deliberation over dense chocolate macaroons, monstrous raspberry meringues, gooey chocolate torte, I opted for the flour less chocolate bun...

On getting it home I have to admit it looked a little dry...but my oh my, it was moist, chocolate-y, dense, rich and not too sweet. It was so good that I decided to save half of it for pudding today! I can't wait.

Ottolenghi dealing with natural and gluten free products with pure elegance which has inspired me to order their book - however my main motivation for yet another cookery book purchase is their recipe for the polenta cake!

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Helen said...

Hi, I just found your blog through the London bloggers group - thanks for signing up! I must say that you will not be disappointed with that cookbook - it's amazing! I'm not gluten allergic but there will be loads of recipes for you in there definitely. I love Ottolenghi's food but I've never been there - can't wait to check it out!