2 Jul 2008

Best friends search for gluten free cake

A springtime visit to (my then very pregnant) best friends' new home in Exeter was a gluten free cake eating feast. In preparation for my visit, she had oh so kindly researched the best place for us to go for coffee and cake. This was something we did when she lived in London, and whenever I spoke with her post move, I received updates on her search for gluten free cake.

In fact thinking back over that weekend, it was all about cake. She also made me the most delicious gluten free muffins from scratch improvising on a recipe she had found, keeping it all natural with fruits and seeds. I had these for breakfast, perfect when slightly warm just to lighten the texture... and on leaving she packed me off with the leftovers for the journey. Yum!

So, after wandering round the excellent Exeter Food Festival, we went to rest her weary pregnant feet at a cafe called Chandos Deli where the research had culminated. Its a charming place with a great selection of grocery products, cheese etc, however we were there for CAKE. Even after stuffing ourselves at the festival, I had to sample the efforts of this pregnant-cake-searching-girl, and after ensuring that it was indeed gluten free, I bought some Lemon Polenta Cake.

This cake was a revelation in gluten free eating. It was moist, dense, not too sweet with a zesty zing to contrast the sweetness. Topped with a drizzle of icing this cake was something I wanted to recreate on my return to London.

So, back in the big smoke and after much searching, I have found and tried a polenta cake recipe which can be found here. The recipe actually works very well, and when it says not to worry about the amount of lemon syrup... don't worry, it does all get absorbed and makes the cake moist and lemony.

Some experiments to try are blitzing raspberries to put in, and trying some icing to decorate...

So thanks to my Baking Best Friend for introducing me to Exeter, and the wonderful Lemon Polenta Cake which is now firmly in my naturally gluten free cake collection!


The Big Cheese said...

Worth knowing that Arch House Deli in Bristol make their own Gluten free cakes. Different flavours every day, to take away or to eat in the cafe. I think you can also order a whole large cake too.


Kim McGowan said...

Great to know... will add it to my list of places to check out!