1 Jan 2009

Champagne, Detox and Markets...

Sat with the first and last glass of champagne in January 2009, I am contemplating my dreams, hopes and plans for the year to come. Watching the fine bubbles rise in my glass, I am planning my detox – clich├ęd as it may be at this time of year – I have never given up anything in my life. Actually I did give up food and drink for 24 hours, but that was for charity.

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease nearly two years ago, I find I think about my health much more than I used to. Although celebrating my 30th year back in September could also be a contributor. Anyhow, a detox is the plan for January, with the hope that announcing this to the world may induce me to actually doing it. Fingers crossed!

A more foodie, and much more exciting resolutions made last night with champagne in hand featured farmers markets. Since moving to south London, lacking a local market I can call my own, I have decided to seek out farmers markets at least once a month. You see, I miss them. Yes I have Borough Market on my doorstep, but battling the tourists and high prices for seasonal goodies is not idea of a fun morning – and that is what I used to have at Acton Farmers Market. So, whether it be chi chi Marylebone on a Sunday morning, or to country Lewes in Sussex for a day trip, I will be reconnecting with the seasons, seeking out exciting produce – hopefully more gluten free ones and meeting more dedicated foodies. That’s my kind of new years resolution!

So, these are just a few of my plans for the year to come... alongside improving my photography, cooking up a gluten free storm with new recipes, and who knows what else.

Happy New Year.

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