5 Jan 2009

A white sauce for comfort

It was -1degree in London and was waiting for the once again delayed train... I started thinking about what to cook for dinner that could warm my chilly bones. Tonight, and often when I am looking for comfort food I opted for cauliflower cheese. Served with caramelised, slow cooked sausages, or a massive free range Gloucester old spot pork chop, its perfect.

As a gluten free cook, I often cook a white sauce using the Doves gluten free plain flour, which is slightly different to cooking a normal white sauce.

For my recipe I use equal measures (about a tablespoon) of flour and English butter to make a rather thin roux.

Due to the mix of grains used in the Doves Farm flour, I find it makes a better end sauce to make a thin roux as the flour is so absorbent.

Allow the 'roux' to cook for a minute or so then gradually whisk in the milk. I say gradually as this stops it going lumpy, and allows you to judge the amount of liquid to add.

Make the white sauce to the desired consistency - I make mine thinner if adding cheese.

Then I pour over lightly cooked cauliflower and top with grated Cheddar and a bit of Parmesan.

Real gluten-free comfort food. There are rarely any leftovers...

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