25 Jan 2009

Natural gluten free bread at last...


After making my natural gluten free leven from rice flour, and one failed attempt at the bread, this weekend I had toast for breakfast for the first time in 2 years.

My first attempt made me question whether I actually wanted to eat bread again. But the effort I had gone to making the GF leven I thought I had to see it through.
Using a mixture of quinoa, buckwheat, corn and soya flours a pinch of sea salt and my production dough, it required none of the kneading of conventional bread - just mix and prove in a warm place in the tin. Baking for 30mins and I had created a savoury, light and chewy sourdough.

My previous attempt to bake the bread had been thwarted by the lack of proving. Even this time round, the dough didn't rise as a conventional loaf, yet I persevered with the process. I baked the loaf as per the recipe in the Bread Matters book by Andrew Whitley and the result was the best bread I have tasted.

Whilst I think there is room for perfecting my natural leven (I believe this was the cause for a substantial lack of rise) it was the most bread like gluten free loaf I have tasted yet. The recipe recommends freezing after a few days for the best texture, so there is one more breakfast of toast to look forward to.

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