7 Mar 2009

Alphonos mangoes

When I was a little girl in the 1980's, my father worked for an Israeli airline in their cargo division after leaving the Air Force. I never really knew what he did, but he was clearly a little hands on, as he would come home from his shift at Heathrow with handfuls of tropical fruit to try -kiwis, passion fruits, prickly pears, Sharon fruit and mangoes - not that I ever knew their names - except the Sharon fruit that is, as that made me chuckle (I went to school with Sharon). I remember trying these strange looking fruit not sure whether to like them, but always listening for the sound of my Dad's motorbike each night, just in case he brought more home.

Fast forward 20years and sampling the sweet, fragrant, dripping with juice mangoes from street vendors as a backpacker in Thailand, I awakened my taste buds to what tropical fruit should really taste like. I never really bother with them in the UK, as they are never as ripe or fragrant as you want them to be. But now... I am in Delhi and can't wait to be able to use them like our apples back home - in everything.

But, we are still in a hotel, and after a silly episode where I gluten-ised myself, I have not been eating that much, trying to soothe my poor stomach. This coupled with banking issues meant I couldn't go out for lunch on Thursday. This actually turned out to be good fortune as all I had in the hotel room was fruit, including Alphonso mangoes which I had bought a few days prior and once I had located the trusty Swiss army knife I proudly and expertly cut it up (see above) and then ate the whole thing.

Once we finally get a flat, - which fingers crossed should be in the next week - I can't wait to wake up to mango lassi for breakfast... Any tips on what else I should do with this fragrant and abundant(!) fruit?

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