4 Mar 2009

Namaste from India

This is my first post from the heart of New Delhi, writing to the sounds of hooting horns, street sellers calling out their wares, and the buzz of auto-rickshaws darting about the streets. First impressions are of friendly people, keen to explore any opportunity and ask a million questions about your country, your background, your dreams and of course your star sign.
More importantly, are my first impressions of the food. Maybe niavely, it has suprisingly been a lot of western food; sandwiches, panini's, pasta, pizza and wraps. Eating out in India is reserved for special occasions, rather than an informal social occasion or a lack of inclination to cook. As a result, being in a hotel and needing to find lunch for one western lady who can't eat the many wheaty options available, I have bravely ventured into mostly Indian restaurants.

I consider this brave, as most of the restaurants we have been to so far cater for the family groups with large tables - not for lone diners. Plus, there aren't Indian women dining alone. They are eating at home with their extended family. But, when I have taken the plunge, it has been truly worth it as I was able to eat safe, gluten free food whilst observing my fellow diners and Delhi life.
We have chosen to eat mostly vegetarian so far, easing into the Delhi diet, and trying to aclimatise our stomachs, although I am particularly eager to try the tandoori chicken brought to Delhi only after the partition by the Punjabi's, the local sweets, ice cream and their mutton curries whilst sharing the ups and downs here.
For the duration of my time in India, I plan to share with you all I learn about her ingredients, restaurants, cookery courses, shopping trips and whatever foodie experiences I delve into...the adventure begins here.

Plus, if you have any recommendations for me...I will happily accept them!

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