18 Mar 2009

Gas Leak!

I was going to introduce you to the wonders of my Indian kitchen with a simple photo:

But that was before my ‘cooker’ was examined by the India Gas Co. I am still not sure if this visit was the result of an extremely comprehensive Indian paperwork system (our rental lease had been recently submitted), or just a guy trying to earn a living going door to door. But however fate brought him to our door, I am glad as he saved my life!

The cookers here run off bottled LPG connected by a hose which runs through a hole in the work surface to the counter top hob. For the first few days we didn’t get to cook, as we were unable to connect it up, waiting for the landlords help (oh how they must regret welcoming us so...). Once we were ‘cooking on gas’ lighting the hobs with a match I relished the opportunity to cook at last.

That was until the Gas Man arrived... He tested the connection by holding a lit match over the burners with the gas turned on. All ok. Then he held the still lit match over the connection between the cooker and the hose. A huge roaring flame ignited!

“Dangerous madam” says the Gas Man still feeding the gas with a naked flame.

Whilst I tried to steady my nerves and my reeling mind about the injuries I could have sustained, the Gas Man replaced the hose with an added protective cover. Repeating the match test he says...

“Safe now Madame” – these are the only words I pick up amongst the stream of Hindi.

A cool £5 later and we have the (now safe to use) hob to cook our meals on, and the soon to arrive microwave. No oven, no grill – just 2 burners. This has put my aim of achieving baking perfection on hold, however there are rumours on the expat network that you can buy counter top ones...For now, this is all I have...

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