22 Mar 2009

Indian food provenence

Looking back to life in the UK, I have quickly realised how much importance I place on the provenance of the food I buy. In India - food shopping is a whole different kettle of fish - with small supermarkets only just making their mark in upper class areas and most food is sold by indepedent traders - fruit carts, fruit and veg market stalls, butchers, bakers and corner shop style supermarkets. However, the provenance is not really mentioned. To be honest, trying to get the vegetable seller to understand that I want to buy some coriander - hana dhania in Hindi I think - is challenging enough, let alone trying to find out where it was grown!

These eggs that I picked up in the crammed shelves of Star Bazaar demonstrate exactly this. I have no idea whether these eggs are free range or organic and I am assuming they are from India.... but there is nothing to confirm this. They're good eggs though...

So far in my research about where Indian food is grown and produced I have yielded little information, but I have come across navdanya.org/index.htm">Navdanya. This Indian organisation which has partnered with Slow Food works to preserve Indian food culture, biodiversity, seed sovereignty and farmers livelihoods. Focusing on closing the food circle - they have a farm to fork policy and have opened a a Slow Food Cafe in New Delhi and food outlets for their provenance focused food across the city.... This may be where I discover more about the origins of what I am cooking with... and maybe even free range eggs?

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