26 Mar 2009

Introducing my friend TED

Living in India and not working, I have chosen to dedicate any free time I have to the study of food. Be it teaching myself to cook authentic Indian recipes, learning about indigenous spices, reading about Slow Food projects or discovering the weird and wonderful new vegetables on offer - I am here to learn.

Much of this takes place online - my virtual library - and recently my 'mother-in-law' introduced me to the wonders of TED. An online lecture theatre, it has 30minute talks on any conceivable subject by prominent professors, authors and speakers, all passionate people and experts in their field . And as mother in law just emailed "its taking up a lot of my time". There is a lot to watch.

With my study of food in mind, I was sent a link to a talk about humane farming of fois gras and I was so entertained and learned afterwards I wanted to share this, plus the wonders of TED with you all....

Happy watching!


Sophie said...

I just watched this - amazing! Thank you so much for posting it!!

Matt said...

TED is pretty awesome. The best talk I've seen was by William McDonough on 'Cradle to Cradle'. He doesn't have the most exciting voices, but stick with it:

Cradle to Cradle