13 Apr 2009

What can you do when it gets to 40degrees?

Eat ice cream.

We don't have a freezer at the flat, so on a hot and sticky Easter Sunday we ventured out into the scorching heat looking for refreshment in the form of gluten free ice cream. Many people think that ice cream is a no-brainer for people with Coeliac Disease. But it often comes with complimentary wafers, in a cone, or with cookie dough (if you choose that flavour of course).

Here in India ice cream is big business, and just in our local market, we have three places to go. Good job its going to stay hot for the next 3 months for us to try each flavour at each shop. Shame!

On Sunday we decided to try the homemade ice creams of Big Chill. A cafe that serves pasta and pizzas in an movie themed air conditioned restaurant, they have a humongous selection of ice creams, frozen yoghurt's and sundaes. Many of the combinations are unfortunately gluten infested. American style flavours such as cookie dough, Oreo, chocolate brownie are all the rage here, but thankfully they do simpler safe flavours too.

I had difficulty in choosing between my new favourite thing, mango ice cream or a banana chocolate fest sundae. Since Jack had chosen the mintochoco blast overload or some wicked name like that, I wasn't going to miss out and opted for a chocolate hit.

Although pretty small, the ingredients of the sundaes sure do pack a sugar punch! Three scoops of rich dark Belgian chocolate ice cream with their signature rich, dark and not too sweet chocolate sauce, mixed with loads of fresh chopped banana (the bananas here taste like banana milkshake!) topped with fresh whipped cream.

Needless to say, we had a late supper after a sugar crash imposed Sunday afternoon snooze. But at least we had cooled down.

**Apologies for the lack of pictures... I completely forgot to take any amongst all the ice cream excitement!

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Michelle Peters said...

Mango icecream is the ultimate in taste! Its a shame you are not going to be travelling to Mangalore, as the world's best icecream parlour is loacted there. Its called Ideal's, and its three storeys of ice cream heaven!