27 Jul 2009

The freshest mango juice ever!

Forget your pressed, hand squeezed and fancy pants bottled juices... the only way to have mango juice is straight from the skin.

As part of my search for mango varieties I have not tasted, my fruit guy recently started selling these tiny baby mangoes and I just had to try them.

Fitting into the palm of my hand, I thought that the stone would be in proportion to its size, but it was mostly stone, making it impossible to trim any flesh away to eat. I later learnt that there are clingstone and freestone varieties, but this left me none the wiser as to how to eat it. Baffled at how to get at this baby fruit, I left the rest in the fridge, until I was told at an Indian friend’s birthday party last night about the best mango and how to eat it like a local...

This tiny specimen is a fresh mango drink... pure mango juice which you extract by massaging the mango to turn the flesh into juice. Cover your clothes and pull the stalk from the top, then suck. It’s the most fun, messy and truly Indian way to eat a mango... and its cardamom scented flesh puts it on a par with my favourite Alphonso.

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Jo said...

You must must must read The Settler's Cookbook by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Not only utterly fascinating but the food - man, the food and the recipes. You'll love it.

Kang/LondonEater said...

oh yummy, I love love love mango juice, especially from honey sweet alphonso mangoes :)