7 Oct 2009

Return of the pressure cooker

I hadn’t realised how much I had come to rely on "the beast" whilst living in India. Since I have been back in London, I have utterly lost my cooking mojo. Everything I want to cook I really needed a pressure cooker for, and this is not just me adding to my collection of “essential” cookware.

As I have mentioned before, the key to authentic Indian food is a pressure cooker, however it also brings with it fuel, time and financial savings as a bonus. This full size beast was a gift for my recent birthday (strange to some I know), but I was thrilled, if not a little anxious about how to use this full size version.

For those of you who wondered what had happened to my beloved mini Indian pressure cooker, I can tell you, it sadly never made it out of Delhi. I had other heavier purchases to bring home. But it does have a happy new home feeding the family of our lovely maid Vreeja.

Watch this space for more adventures with a pressure cooker, and maybe eventually some wisdom, tips and recipes. Although I have no idea how this big boy will behave!

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