9 Nov 2009

Films for thought

Have you seen the film Julie and Julia?

Being both a foodie and massive Meryl Streep fan, I was there like a shot. I loved it. Belly laughing out loud is so much fun, as was saying “BONJOUR!!!!” a la Julia all the way home.

But it did unexpectedly make me think about the future of my own blog, which I have been unable to write on. Julie, a central character who blogs about her year cooking every recipe in the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child came across as self referencing and wallowing. She seriously made me cringe. Is that how the world sees bloggers, self indulgent, self referencing, forever aspiring writers? It put me right off going online, and made me really try to answer the question I have been considering for a while now; do I want to keep my blog going.

So whilst I refrained from posting and mulling the decision over I then watched the film State of Play, where another lame-o girly opinion posting blogger worked for a newspaper. She too was this waif of a writer, who just posted gossip and opinion... the case was going firmly for shutting Figs and Lavender down.

But then I started experimenting with gluten free flat bread, meanwhile thinking about all the pointers to make on a blogpost about it. Following this, I read a piece by my friend Jo over at Capers in the Kitchen about the importance of blogs, especially for women which swayed my decision further... Blogs do have a place... which brought me back to the reason I began writing here nearly two years ago... to share with the world my gluten free discoveries. Be they recipes, restaurant experiences or honest accounts of the challenges faced living naturally gluten free I want people to benefit from my experience and experiments.

So you are stuck with me for another couple of years at least. Although only until I get the book deal and subsequent film made, of course!

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Abi said...

Hooray! welcome back Kim- I've been missing your blogs. love abixxx