10 Dec 2009

Perseverence with gluten free pastry

I am gradually working my way through my culinary wish list and this week I embarked on a big ol' journey. I entered the world of gluten free pastry. 

I have to admit many of the gluten free cookbooks and blogs I read often feature pastry suitable for Coeliacs but have include too many different flours which I never seem to have. However whilst browsing Maggie Beers Harvest I found a simple recipe calling for just a bog standard gluten free flour mix which I always have.

As a young old child I used to make profiteroles from choux pastry, and this recipe is made along similar lines. But I have to be honest, it was a small disaster.

I made the dough well enough and chilled it down before rolling out between two oiled sheets of greaseproof paper. But when I tried to fold the pastry into the newly purchases flan tin thats when I cam a cropper. It was like really sticky cement. It wouldn't come off the greaseproof and I quickly lost patience screwing the lot into a ball. But, before I slam dunked it into the bin, I took a final look and a deep breath. Unable to throw the baby out with the bathwater, I squeezed out the pastry and mixed in more flour to try and salvage something to eat. Beating in more flour, it was still incredibly sticky so I spread the "dough" into some individual flan tins. After much prodding, smoothing and with more mixture on my hands than in the three little cases, I blind baked them. Success.

As you can see, they looked like normal pastry cases. A little thicker than most, but still pretty good. Now I had to fill them with something. Doh!

Leeks with mascapone, based on the onion tart in Nigella's How To Eat... Pouring in the custard my heart was in my mouth... would they even set? I was winging everything up to that point and couldn't believe I was going get a meal out of all this faffing around. Success again, and they were delicious.

Gluten free Leek and Mascapone tarts...I need to perfect the recipe before I share it with you here... Have you had success with gluten free pastry?

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