29 Jan 2010

Back to the Indian Sub Continent

I cannot believe it. It feels extremely surreal, but I am so delighted to report that I am back in India! It all came about a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine asked if I would come out and help her with a suitably foodie project for a couple of weeks. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and keen to revist some old haunts - particularly the spice market and the fabulous Fab India, I was on the plane like a shot. 

So here I am. Basking in the wintery sunlight, and greedily devouring all the Indian food my friend presents me with. In the next three weeks, I will be back with more tales of spice markets, marvellous ingredients and the colourful Delhi life that still make me grin from ear to ear.

One way that I will be sharing this is through pictures. Not that you can easily communicate the way of life here.. but I shall try. All I can say is for those who have never been, get on over here. And for those who have been... what did you think? 

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