30 Jan 2010

Sarojini Nagar Market

A real local market, my friend and Indian food guru Amita today visited Sarojini Nagar Market in New Delhi. The place was a buzz of families snacking on chaat, buying their fruit and vegetables and any other bargains to be had. Its the home of export surplus and you will always find clothing lines from every major western retailer for a fraction of their cost back home. But this was not the purpose of the visit... today we were looking at produce.

On my last visit, I arrived in March just as spring arrived with the splash of colour which is Holi - the festival of colour which is actually just an excuse for a coloured water fight. Some good six week earlier in the season and I have noticed that the fruit and veg on offer is completely different, some of which is below, many unfamiliar to my eyes. 

Every vendor had stacks of my new favourite citrus fruit - Kuni - which looks like a very bright orange, but has the segments like a satsuma. They are at their prime sweetness now, so I am boosting my vitamin C intake for sure. See what was on sale at the market...


honeybeeluvsjackfruit said...

Ohh I just found your blog and I love it!!!

What is the red fruit in the last pic? Is it cherries or cranberries? Or something else?!

Kim McGowan said...

Thanks and love your name.... do you really love jackfruit?

Berries definately not cherries ot cranberries they are a local thing, will find out the name for you!

Thanks for reading!