21 Jan 2010

Dr Chris of this Morning diagnosed Coeliac

I was lucky enough to help raise awareness of Coeliac disease with a spot on This Morning a couple of years ago, and was joined on the sofa by the lovely Dr Chris. An ambassador for Coeliac UK, he talked through the medical bits, but if only he had recognised the symptoms he was talking about, as he has just been diagnosed with the condition himself.

Interviewed by the Daily Mail and talking on This Morning just yesterday, Dr Chris gives an honest and open account of the symptoms, diagnosis process and reality of living gluten free. I admire his courage for talking publicly about bowl movements and the like and dispelling the widely held opinion that to have Coeliac disease you must have digestive complaints. It is not a simple disease, with a wide spectrum of sensitivity and experiences, but simple removal of gluten from the diet makes for a healthier and happier life. 

To read more about the condition, diagnosis process or to learn which foods are gluten free read on:

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Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

The articles you linked were really good! (The video did not work for me, but I did read the information on the page and it was helpful.)

What I love about this information is that the story of Dr. Chris' diagnosis emphasizes that the symptoms can vary and that people can also be asymptomatic.

Here's to the increased availability of testing!