24 Mar 2010

Graze on nuts, seeds and fruit

As a Coeliac I rely heavily on fruit, nuts and seeds to fill me up and give texture to dishes where wheat would normally do the job. Naturally gluten free and super healthy, my current favourites are walnut pieces on my stewed apple and yoghurt breakfast, a snack of whole skin on almonds with plump raisins and I always have a stash of blanched almonds ready for cake making moments.

However if you don't feel the inspiration to make your own mixes there is always Graze. I am not one to promote specific companies, however I was so impressed with a response to my gluten free enquiry that I wanted to share them here. 

Graze send through the post a weekly snack box with your personalised choice of fruits, nuts, seeds and snacks for just a couple of quid a week. My friend Pip has been raving about them, so thought I would give them at try. Looking at the selection, there are many gluten-ous snacks, some with soy sauce but there is no mention of Coeliac friendly options on the site... for now. 

They are currently working on a list of gluten free options, and can remove the gluten containing snacks for you. So snack away...or make your own!

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