20 Jul 2011

Things have changed a little round here

It has been over a year since I last showed my face on this page. I can't believe the changes that have taken place in that time, and how I have been gone so long.

But life took over - as for so many bloggers - and I needed to life an off-line life for a bit. When I wrote my last post, unbeknown to me I was pregnant. Well actually, I think deep down I knew but was letting the reality of the situation sink in. In addition to this totally exciting news we decided to sell the Peckham Palace and rent in the lovely London village of East Dulwich. Less urban and much more yummy mummy. We decided to be one of those mental couples to do everything at once.

So forgive me for my absence. In a way all the chaos was a blessing as the pregnancy totally killed my passion for food. I was STARVING all the time, and remained that way until just a few weeks ago when I stopped breastfeeding, but couldn't face cooking. I was gutted. But it spared me the agony of not having anything to say here.

Summer, a whole year later and our little family of three are firmly settled in our new home, with I am glad to report, a much bigger kitchen and our own garden which is already brimming with different varieties of tomatoes and herbs. And this week, I am kick starting my return to the food world by giving a short talk on living a gluten free life at the vegetarian Blue Brick Cafe in East Dulwich. Its this Thursday (21st July) at 7.30pm is free to attend and there will be some goodies to sample, so come along and say hi.

And I promise to return sooner this time with tales of how much has changed, including introducing my new fella.


Sean said...

Welcome back to the internet sis!

Kim McGowan said...

why thank you lil' Bro! Its nice to be back.

Flic said...

Congratulations! Don't the little people just change everything!! 8 months in to number 2 and totally know what you mean about lack of foodieness!! Another month of bf'ing and I'm hoping to start cooking again!! Hope you're really well! Flic x

Kim McGowan said...

I know what you mean about breastfeeding stopping you cooking... I just spent my whole time raiding the fridge! Congratulations on no. 2!

Abi (Adventures in Cake) said...

hooray! welcome back. Ive missed reading your posts xxx