20 Sep 2011

WAG Free Bakery, Brixton, London

Going to a shop or cafe where you can eat everything in sight is absolutely impossible when you are Coeliac. Until now. Head down to Brixton Village, an undercover 1930's market recently saved from desperate times, and nestled amongst an exciting mix of independent shops, cafes and restaurants is the  WAG (Wheat and Gluten) Free Bakery.

I discovered their baked goods through their only other stockist, Franklins Farmshop in East Dulwich. A few cakes and pies grace the tables heaving with seasonal produce, but are usually gone by saturday. They are that good. I can't tell you my disappointment if I don't get there in time. So to prevent such situations I dragged my brother over to Brixton to sample the whole package.

I totally underestimated how excited I could be about unlimited food choices. And choices of things I have not had for such a long time. In the past, my sweet tooth has driven me to bake gluten free cakes, puddings and dessert recipes, because I have honestly not missed things like pies, quiches or sandwiches. Or maybe not? I think I has forgotten what I was missing.

Perched on the tottering bar stools with my 11month old son bouncing on the counter, we sampled a toasted cheese and onion sandwich for lunch which was excellent. Good strong, oozy cheese and crunchy tasty bread. But I had to try more, knowing what the sweet goods are like so we ordered two little steak pies, a Bakewell tart, the legendary Wagon Wheel plus a box of pasta from Dialsi which owner David raves about, to take away. And I was being restrained.

Over the past couple of days I have enjoyed the continued sampling (all the in name of research of course) and can honestly say that all the products are excellent. Such high quality pastry across the range, although the pie in particular was excellent as vouched for my "normal" pie eating brother. But then David admits to being a pie man, so no surprise he has perfected his recipe.

What else, can I say? Get down there. Support the WAG Bakery. Enjoy their products whether you are gluten free or not. I would challenge you to know the difference.

Please note - there would have been pictures, but I ate it all then realised I wanted to photograph them. Oh well. Just have to go again!

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