6 Nov 2011

The Cooking Project List

I am forever tearing recipes from magazines, scribbling them down from websites and bookmarking recipe books, adding to the already massive collection of things I want to cook. So, a while ago I decided to bring a little order to my cookery wish list and created the Cooking Project List.

The search for a gluten, egg and dairy free birthday cake for my sons first birthday was my first project. He has dairy and egg allergies and I am coeliac. Luckily, Daddy can eat whatever he likes. He is also at the mercy of my food fascinations and was chief free from cake taster (since he was the only one in the house who knows what real cake tastes like).

Luckily for Jack one of my more longstanding interests is meat. So project 2 was meat preservation including rillets, pate and duck confit from ’Hugh’s’ (obviously Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall!) meat bible. Jack didn’t protest at this tasting!

So, this is how the Cooking Project List currently stands. This is a hard edit, and suits my seasonal mood. It will evolve for sure as I move onto other food obsessions, but I will endeavor to update it here and hopefully I can gradually work through all those lovely recipes I have drooled over for so long.

Cooking Project List: Nov 2011
Corn Bread
Basmati spoon bread  (Phil Vickery’s GF Cookbook pg 44)
Potato farls
Polenta Traybake (Phil Vickery’s GF Cookbook pg 162)
Gluten, egg and dairy free Christmas cake
Gluten, egg and dairy free Christmas pudding
Beef brisket chilli (from Jamie Oliver's summer TV show)

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