1 Nov 2011

Brixton - the home of gluten free food

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I am lucky to live in the lovely, village-y East Dulwich which has an impressive selection of food shops along it's main street. Two branches of organic butcher William Rose, skilled friendly fishmongers Moxons, jam packed urban farm shop Franklins (who stock WAG’s baked goods), organic bakery Lucas who do a wheat free polenta cake and a mean flat white, plus the grocer SMBS who stock a growing range of gluten free products. These are just a few of my favourite, however, being a stay at home mum, I must admit to getting a little bored of the places right on my doorstep. I love to research and explore what else is on offer south of the river, especially when it comes to finding small shops and restaurants using local and seasonal food that happens to be gluten free.

So, you can imagine how chuffed I was when making my pilgrimage to the dedicated gluten free bakery in Brixton I discovered a stack of such places in the vicinity of 'the village'. I would go as far to say that Brixton Village is the new home of gluten free food. I assume this is because WAG free bakery - the mecca for Coeliacs and wheat avoiders - has raised awareness and highlighted the opportunity to locals business folk. Whatever the reason, who cares? The beauty is that every time I visit SW9 I discover another small, independent restaurant, cafe or shop advertising gluten free options.

One of these places is Ms Cupcake, who I tracked down when researching vegan cakes for my son’s First Birthday. She creates stunning edible showpieces that you wouldn’t believe are totally vegan. Plus she vows always to have something gluten free too. My choice (to share with Oliver of course...) was a Banoffee Cupcake. But to be honest it was too good and too sweet to share with a one year old. Shame. The shop also sells a great collection of bakeware, cupcake accessories and vegan cookbooks for inspiration. 

Then, high on sugar walking through the covered market I spotted a Japanese restaurant, a Mexican cafe and a burger joint all advertising gluten free options. Then I was on a gluten free high... excited at all the places still to try. So, I feel it is my duty to the gluten free world to see how good the places are, and of course report back here. In the meantime, I am off to one of my favourite cafes - Homemade - back in East Dulwich for a completely homemade (including the honey roast ham!) and gluten free ploughman’s in the last of the autumn sun.

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